5 Easy Ways to Get Facebook Likes

5 Easy Ways to Get Facebook Likes

Having a Facebook page that doesn’t get a lot of likes can drive a person down a dark road of doing stupid things. Like spamming other pages, spamming random people, and even buying “fans” for a page. Doing these types of activities usually makes the job of getting likes 10 times harder because people lose trust and respect.
So, what are some ways to get free likes without ruining your reputation??

1. Like Other People’s Stuff

Liking other people’s content definitely helps you get noticed. While you may not get noticed by someone from liking a single post; continuously showing them support might have a positive result. If they see you’re liking their content a lot, then they will probably end up checking out your page and probably end up giving some likes in return. Pretty much, liking content makes you more likable.
Still, don’t go around spamming likes.

2. Don’t Post for Likes

Posting for the purpose of getting likes isn’t the right way to go about things. Usually it ends up with you being disappointed that you didn’t get as many likes as you thought you would.

Being yourself on your own account, and on your page is the best way to go about things. People like knowing who someone really is, so share what you’re genuinely interested in. This not only builds trust, but it usually ends up with people liking your posts more.

3. Promote Your Page on Other Networks

While it may seem a bit odd, a great way to get free Facebook likes is to promote your Facebook via other social media profiles. Simply tweeting your page occasionally, or promoting it via your Google+ account can do wonders. I’m pretty sure that you’ve probably seen other people doing it as well.

Really, you can cross promote all your social media profiles just so you have an even following across them all.

4. Post Pictures

According to KISSmetrics, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs than normal text posts.
It’s not hard to guess why posts that includes pictures get a better response than regular text posts. I mean, we can all admit that a beautiful picture does attract us more than a lengthy text post.
So, if you’re looking to get an overall better response out of your users then try to post picture posts more often.

5. Focus On When You Post

A lot of people like to just throw up Facebook posts at random times, and expect to get a good response. But that definitely isn’t the best way to go about things.
It’s important that you post during the peak times of the day, and week. You’re more likely to get engagement out of a user if you post while they are online. This way they have more of chance of seeing what you posted, instead of being buried under all the other pages that they liked.

Basically, if you see that you’re getting most of your engagement happening at around 5pm then make sure that your best content, or most of your activity is done around 5pm.


So, those are some easy ways to get Facebook likes without risking your online reputation. Be one of the people who have a legit following, and not one of the people who bought their way to the top. So, do you have any facebook tips that you would like to share?


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