How much you should pay for articles

How much you should pay for articles

Many people decide to pay for articles, but a lot of those article buyers don’t know how much they should be paying! This article talks about the ‘right price’ for articles, and also why buying articles can help boost your blog onto the front estrace 1 mg effets secondaires estrace on line without prescription purchase estrace 0 5 mg estrace to buy estrace 2 mg twice a day estrace 1mg  page of Google!

Requirements for ALL Article Purchases

  • Writer must provide examples of previous work
  • All articles must be passed through a “copy” checker (Try , it’s free!)
  • Writer must provide articles in a timely manner

Why do these requirements matter?

Many people on the internet will claim to have skills, abilities and experience in high end (/popular) blogs and magazines. The best way to check if this is true is by seeing online / live work examples. If you can’t acquire any examples that are online, at least ask to see some saved work that they have on their computer.

Always pass your articles through a copy checker. You do not want to have copyrighted material on your site, and you definitely don’t want to pay for it either!

Why wait weeks for articles that could be delivered in 48 hours by another writer? You can’t really check how quickly a writer gives you their promised articles, til after a purchase. Buying a few articles before you purchase a bulk amount of them is always a free consultation and discrete overnight shipping is available. where to buy online pharmacy: 24h online support. official remark. 24/7 online support,  wise idea!


How much you should spend on an article

Well this all depends on the amount of words. For our example, we will use the amount of 500 words to tell you how much you should be ceftin penicillin family paying. Note, by this point in the article we have reached 268 words.

You should spend: $5 – $8 per 500 words

It all really depends on the writer, but that is the most common pricing range given by freelance writers on the internet. I personally offer articles at discounted rates, depending on how much you buy. For example, one article is only $5, but 10 articles is only $40. A total of 100 articles is only $300, which is $200 less than the price viagra can you over the counter in germany buy avodart online uk ventolin inhalers without prescription purchase baclofen cheap prescription you’d pay if you bought the $5 (500 word) article, one hundred separate times.

As you can see, the price range truly varies. I personally have chosen to offer discounted article writing to attract buyers and because order phenergan online phenergan cost without insurance I only plan to supplement my income – Not create it.

On the internet you will notice many writers offering 500 word articles for $10 per article. This price is what a good writer truly deserves, but you can get the same (if not better) quality paying much less. Over time, you can save hundreds of dollars by finding a writer (like me) who is willing to take a pay cut, while delivering the best product.


Why buying articles can help your blog

Buying articles for your blog may seem like a waste of money, but only if you have not weighed out the total benefits. Keep reading to see those benefits, and perhaps go ahead and purchase your first article online!

Simply put, writing articles can take time. This article is now just under 500 words and it has taken a good amount of time to compile! Many webmasters, blog owners, and even full-time writers have other obligations. Buying articles can help you develop your blog without having to pound the keyboard for hours to produce multiple articles. Why not pay someone else to do it?

Here is how I justify article purchases. I personally can make between $4 and $5 per article that I write. In my bulk orders, I make somewhere between $3 and $4. I can usually write about 2 high quality articles in an hour, making my hourly wages between $6 and $10. Writing for 5 hours brings me a profit of $30 and $50. It may help that I enjoy writing tremendously. Instead of saying a range, we’ll just use one figure. Let’s say $40 for every 5 hours of work.

With that $40 I can then go ahead and purchase 10 articles (the same amount that I personally wrote) or I could go find an article writer that will type out tutorials for even less! I do the latter.

Finding an article writer that will write an article for $3 (500 words) allows me to get thirteen articles in return for writing ten. Sure the exchange is not directly 10:13 with the other writer, but that’s what it comes out to.

I highly recommend doing exactly what I just said. Sell your services, as a blog owner/author, and then find a high quality writer who pays for less. You’ll get more articles than you would if you wrote them yourself!

Other Reasons to Buy Articles

  • Different authors offer unique perspectives
  • Including different styles of writing attracts different types of readers
  • Bringing in another author may lead them to actually write for free!
  • You can learn a lot from other, and perhaps better, writers
  • If you have cash and are willing to spend some, you can get some articles without having to do any work to justify it!

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