New websites: How to get traffic

New websites: How to get traffic

How to Get Traffic to a New Website

Building up your readership is hard enough, for established websites. Expanding your
audience, holding their attention, and getting tons of traffic is extremely difficult for
newer sites. That don’t know what works and what does not.
As an entrepreneur, with years of experience on the web, I hope my knowledge can
help you and your website. This guide will share some easy tips that I use on a daily
basis for all of my projects. They’ll save you money, increase your traffic, and it’s all
considered “whitehat” (you won’t get penalized by the search engines).

Word of Mouth

I won’t spend much time on this section as it’s self explanatory. Tell all of your friends,
family, and coworkers about your new website. Appeal an admissions decision the admissions committee reviews each application thoroughly and internet essay helper with great care; If you don’t want to spam them with a
link, share a specific page or article that they might be interested in. Recipients of your
messages/emails are more likely to click a specific article than a link going to your home

Community Awareness

What happens if one person knows about something? There’s not much hype. If a large
portion of a community knows about something though, there’s a lot more attention
given to it. Instead of posting your link once in tons of different communities, work on
making a small handful aware.

You can do this by heading to forums, or blogs, and getting to know the members. Keep
a link (or banner ad) in your signature, so people constantly see it whenever you post.
Make sure you don’t make all of your posts about your website, as being known as a
spammer (or someone who just posts self-promos) is never a good reputation to have.

After someone sees something enough, they remember it. They might even be tempted
to give a click. After all, with so many URLs being passed around, we only have a
certain amount of time to look at some of them.


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SEO isn’t going to have a HUGE effect in the very beginning. This is because it takes
some time to rank high in the search engines for valuable keywords. However, you can
build your SEO and try to find visitors at the same time.

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– Guest Posting (Write an article with a link to your site for another blog, for free)
– Maintain a social media page (Use Google+ too!)
– Join the Google Authorship program, to increase your ranks on Google
– Maintain valuable backlinks through articles, forum posts, and more that revolve
around your website’s topic

There’s a lot more to SEO, but even if you don’t appear on the first page of Google, best prices, best place for buy generic prednisone online without prescription. discreet shipping for all customers, worldwide shipping,
maybe some readers will check out your site from the links.

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Submit Your New Content to Various Resources

Submitting your new content, or pages, to search engines can be very beneficial. It tells
the search engine “Hey, you need to index (or re-index) me so I appear in search

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You could check out directories, but please note that some search engines do not like
directories or fully approve of them. History shows that directory sites can be spammy in
nature, or low quality.

Best of luck!

These are all tips that I use on a daily basis, for all of my projects. SEO will allow you to
reach new visitors in the short term, and help you rank high in search results later on.
Start building those quality back links now! Community awareness is highly effective
and is the second best marketing strategy that I use, after word of mouth


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